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Some Important Factors To Know About Autoresponder Email Marketing

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Introduction to autoresponder email marketing:

One of the innovative software that has been developed for betterment of any business is autoresponder. This has got lots of important features that re highly appreciated such as personalizing the follow up messages, multiple mailing lists, unlimited custom fields, and many more. This article is about features, system requirements and finally the advantages.

Features of autoresponder email marketing:

  • You can create plain text messages and or you have the option of HTML too.
  • For faster work and reliable use of MySQL autoresponder software is used.
  • For email marketing with autoresponder you have to install the software in your web site or server which will provide you with data security and can access it any day of the year.
  • You can create numerous numbers of messages and follow up mails and run them as you want.
  • You have option to dispatch more than one message at same instance of time.
  • For every mail, you will be informed about the summary of that message.

System requirements for installing the software:

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For better use of autoresponder email marketing you need to check your machines and softwares system requirements for compatibility.

  • As a web server UNIX is preferred and Linux or Windows NT/2000 should be the operating system, minimum.
  • Version 5.005 of Perl or more if you have CGI BIN
  • Sendmail, Qmail, or SMTP is must.
  • Your computer should have version 3.23 of MySOL for minimum performance.
  • File Transfer Protocol, commonly known as FTP, is a must so as to install and configure autoresponder software.

Benefits or advantages of autoresponder email marketing:

  • You can use it as a sales tool: This software can act as a tool to increase the sales of your product. In case of promotion of your product or to send the details of your product to any potential customer you can use it any time of the day. It works for 7X24.
  • Very essential for Up-selling: If any customer has bought the basic package, then you can entice them or provoke them so that they upgrade their product for better features and flexibility. You can constantly send Up-sell messages.
  • Create better and strong relation with customer: It’s very unethical to forget the customer who ones bought a product. You can send follow up messages regarding new product launch along with the detailed features and extra information.
  • Ezine delivery and newsletter: This is one of the finest features of autoresponder email marketing. Whoever subscribe to your website, you can send them newsletter and ezine, automatically, with the help of this software.
  • MLM or associate program: No matter what MLM or associate program it is, there will always be a down line and you can facilitate them with a handy and powerful tool with the help of autoresponder.
  • Motivational messages: For the people in sales, you can send them motivational messages.
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